‘Once G-d had created the world, what was there left for him to do?’ an old rabbi was asked. And he replied: ‘Conduct marriages.’

The celebration of a Jewish marriage is solemnized by the Ketubah. This traditional marriage contract marks one of the most solemn moments in the life of a Jewish couple. The marriage rules ‘according to the law of Moses and of Israel’ are recalled in the text, as well as the husband’s obligations to their wife.

Order a beautiful Ketubah, in line with that issued by the Beth Din of your country. Its sacred and symbolic value is enhanced and honored by its design and decoration, continuing a tradition respected right up to the present day. The illumination of a Ketubah, a domain favored by artists across the ages, ranges from a restrained decoration to sumptuous illustrations using motifs from ritual, biblical, floral and many other sources.

 Ketoub’art’s marriage contracts use traditional, modern or classic themes. In our gallery are examples inspired by the most beautiful Ketubahs from Jewish history as well as our exclusive creations by contemporary artists.

We will also create Ketubahs according to your own preferences.

Our team is driven by the desire to keep alive this precious witness to the cultural and artistic values of different Jewish communities around the world. We aim to fulfill the Hiddur Mitsva, that obligation to give of our knowledge and competences for the full accomplishment of the Mitsvot . . . in this case that of marriage.

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